Thursday, December 26, 2013


Well Christmas is over and soon we'll be saying goodbye to 2013 and celebrating the start of another year. As I reflect upon the last 12 months, I'm very satisfied. I've settled into life in QLD, started a new job which I enjoy, working with a great team of people. My crochet has improved three fold and I'm now a lot more confident reading patterns. I have almost finished my last project for the year but may still be working on it into January. By far the best thing to happen to me this year was meeting my Prince Charming and falling in love, nothing can top that. 

As I head into 2014 there are many projects I want to achieve, not sure I'll make them all but everything starts with a list right???

• cardigan for myself and my mum
• hooded capelet for myself
• Knitted socks
• crochet hook case
• spin yarn so it actually looks and works as yarn
• more baby clothes 
• stuffed dolls for my nieces
• crochet cat cave for my cat pearl

What projects do you want to tackle in 2014?

Here is a pic of the baby shawl I'm trying to finish for friends in Switzerland, their baby is due in February. I better get cracking as I'm only half done. 

See you in 2014

Lisa x

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Xmas!

If you're reading this, I'd like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Christmas and New Year wherever you may be. I look forward to sharing more of my little projects with you in 2014. 

Take care and thanks for reading, I'm off to finish some last minute presents...crochet coasters. 

Lisa x

Monday, December 16, 2013

Silly season

Well as it gets closer to Christmas, now just a week away, I've been hooking a few little things to give as gifts. 

I made this set of 6 black and white coasters to gift with mugs and hot chocolate for my work Kris Kringle gift, our party is this Friday. These are super simple and very quick to make and a great way to use up leftover me justification for buying more ....hehehe

I've started making my mum some coasters and will make some for my nan too. 

Go to crafts/tutsplus/tutorials for the coaster pattern. 

I'm also making mum a farmers market bag, I realised today I didn't follow the pattern so it will still work out but I might make another for mum following the pattern correctly. 

I've a few other things in the pipeline and I'll keep you posted of these as Xmas approaches. 

Till then, eat, drink and be merry but in a safe manner and enjoy the silly season. 

Lisa x

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sorry, it's been a while....

Life has been hectic of late and I haven't had the time to write any posts, I have been busy working on a baby shawl to go with the baby jacket I made and last week I was away in Melb on my first holiday in 9 years. It was wonderful to be exploring another city and we got to see the Little Penguins on parade on Phillip Island, King Kong the musical with back stage tour courtesy of a childhood friend of mine working on the show and we also had a lovely train ride through the Dandenong ranges on the Puffing Billy steam train. 

Last night a made a sweet little garland to add some Christmas cheer to my lounge room...

And tonight I made some lovely little crochet coasters to give as part of my Kris Cringle gift at work. I've made some white ones and will make some more in black. 

If you are on Instagram you may wish to follow me to see what I'm crocheting between blog postings. VINTAGEVESTA7

Here's wishing you a safe and happy Christmas and a New Year filled with love, laughter, good health and happiness along with an adventure or two. 

Lisa x

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Officially complete

My baby jacket I made is finally complete. Now I just need to finish that matching bonnet and shawl. 

Lisa x

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ta da!

Finally I'm finished my first garment all be it teeny tiny. I still need to block it, sew in the loose ends and add buttons and ribbon but I couldn't wait to share it with you. More pics to come once it's officially complete. 



Lisa x

Monday, October 28, 2013

Swatch that...

Here is a small crochet swatch of the yarn from my first attempt at spinning. 

Lumpy and bumpy though still pretty I think. 

Lisa x

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just had to share....

I just had to share this beautiful sunrise with you (Decker Park, Brighton QLD)

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you may be and in whatever you do. 

Lisa x

What did you guess??

It's another baby jacket, I thought as I couldn't finish the first one I started as I ran out of yarn that I'd make another. I've plenty of spare wool this time so no risk of running out at the very end :-).

Enjoy your Sat night. 

Lisa x

Sunday, October 20, 2013

You spin me right round, baby right round...

My spinning is improving from week to week. I was spinning this afternoon and this evening and I'm starting to feel relaxed while spinning. Let's how much I improve over the next few months. 

Last week


Have a great week 

Lisa x

Friday, October 18, 2013

Crikey! I've learned a hard lesson

I was feeling very excited this week as I was almost finished crocheting my first baby jacket. I was soon feeling blue when I realised I would run out of yarn just before I completed it. Off to lincraft I went to buy another ball of Lincraft baby grand only to find they have packed it away for summer to make room for Xmas stock so it will be early 2014 before I can buy more. 

I'm feeling immensely frustrated that I can't finish my project and have learned the lesson to always buy more than you think you'll need, I've given myself a smack. 

On a more positive note I'm heading to the Brisbane Stitch and Craft fair today with a friend. I'm looking forward to it as I haven't been to a fair for a few years. I'm also planning my next project, a lace shawl. I am thinking of making it in white. 

Have a great weekend and happy hooking! 

Quote for the day:

"The most expensive thing in life is regret" by a friend. 

Lisa x

Monday, October 14, 2013

Woohoo, I'm in a spin!

I'm sorry for not posting for a while, I've had a busy week and a half finishing up one job and starting a new job based in the city. I'm so pleased to no longer be working away from home, it's so lovely being home all the time. 

I now get the train to work (40min ride) so I am loving the free time to sit back and crochet on the way to the office and home again each day. Working in the city also means I can go regularly to night owls meetings with the QLD Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists and practice my spinning. 

One of the ladies in my group suggested I practice getting into the rhythm by spinning my wheel without the wool to get used to it. So far it's working as tonight I put on some jazz tunes and sat back to spin some wool, it worked yay!! 

I'm very happy with my progress so far, I think if I spend 30 mins spinning every night I'll be spinning yarn like a pro in no time, well that's the dream anyway hehe. 

I've also been crocheting a cute baby jacket, here are some pics with more progress pics to come. 

Have a great week

Lisa x

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drum roll please......Ta Da!!

Well it's official, my crochet collar in lipstick pink cotton has had a pink pearl button purchased at Lincraft added and a light press with the iron. I'm very impressed and I'm now inspired to make another.

So, what do you think? Are you inspired to make a crochet collar? I'm a beginner and I'm impressed with just how easy it was to make, though it doesn't look like the one from the pattern I used it is still just as pretty. 

If you would like to use the pattern I used head on over to ravelry and look up the party time collar by Crocknits.

Have a fantastic long weekend.

Lisa x

Saturday, September 28, 2013

When you're on a roll, you just have to go with it!

I've been busy tonight, after work I got it in my head I need to attempt a crochet collar. I purchased a sweet little crochet collar pattern from Crocknits (I found it on Ravelry). Being that I'm away for work I only had some lipstick crochet cotton I bought cheaply the other night at BigW. It should have been thicker cotton but I just wanted to try this pattern straight away. I've got one row to go, here are some pics of my progress so far. Have an awesome weekend. 

Lisa x

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pinterest is awesome

I just found this chart of abbreviations for crochet on Pinterest. 

And crochet ideas galore, what to start on first????

Apache tears

Child's cardi

Infinity scarf

Cute sailor outfit

Crochet collar

The list could go on but you'd get sick of clicking on links. 

Have a sweet day

L x

I'm back on track

Hi there, 

In my last post I had realised I made a boo boo and now I've fixed the error and have almost caught up to where I was before the mistake was made. Soon I'll be swapping to pink again. I won't post more pics of this project after this post for a while as you'll be sick of looking at it. 

I think I'll get to work repairing the major boo boo I made on the child hooded cardi so I'll post some info regarding this, it served to teach me an important lesson "follow the instructions!" 

Ciao for now 

Lisa x

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oops, it's not supposed to look like that!

Don't you just love it when you realise you've made a boo boo 3 rows ago and have to pull your work undone. That's exactly what happened to me, I realised I was doing the wrong stitch and as you can see from the photos it looked wonky and messy. I've pulled it undone (I undid three rows), another good reason to check your work regularly. 

It's like playing snakes and ladders, I've just hit a snake. 

Lisa x

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No knit Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Here's the tutorial for making your no knit Christmas stocking. 

What you'll need:

Old jumper
Sewing machine
Walking foot for your machine
Stocking template or old Christmas stocking. 


Hand wash your jumper and allow to dry on a flat surface

The construction

1. Turn the jumper inside out making sure the font and back line up.

2. Lay your stocking/pattern on top placing it where you like. 

3. Carefully use your marker or fabric pen to draw around the pattern. 

4. Remove the pattern and pin around the line you drew making sure you pin the front and back of the jumper together to keep it in place for sewing. 

5. Ensure you have your walking foot attached to your sewing machine, sew along the line you marked (watch your fingers and watch for yarn snagging over foot) 

6. After stitching all the way around the line you marked it's a good idea to go around again in zigzag to ensure the seam doesn't come undone over time. 

7. Cut around the seam with your scissors and turn right side out and you're all done. 

Now you can leave it as is or embellish or perhaps embroider the recipients initial on your stocking. 

Good luck! 

Lisa x